Art in the Café: Holly Magdalene Scott

2nd May - 30th June 2023

Holly Magdalene Scott is an Artist/Printmaker based in Teesdale, Durham. Known for her detailed, sensitive hand-printed linocuts, Holly’s work conveys her lifelong enchantment with the natural world.

Her process is long and complex and is very much shaped by my daily life and inner world.

"I like to be fully immersed in the dramatic landscapes of Teesdale, and often feel inspired at dusk - a time which I have always associated with tranquillity and healing. In the ‘gloaming’ all creatures seem to reveal themselves in their natural environment.

I spend much time outdoors; wandering, experiencing, documenting. These experiences inform my writing, ink drawings and linocuts.

Borne from a strong connection to the land, and inspired by memories and chance encounters with wildlife, my hand-coloured prints seek to evoke the folkloric timelessness of animal lives, which often run unseen, tangential to our own human existence.”

  • Magpie 3
  • Call Of The Dales