Art in the Cafe: Nicola Kevane

About the artist

Nicola Kevane, is an artist living in North Yorkshire. Her paintings reflect her interest in the countryside, including local wildlife, equestrian themes, working dogs and farm animals.

Nicola’s paintings are inspired by the period country sport artists of an earlier age, whilst being very much part of the present.  Her paintings have a natural peaceful presence in the rendering of colour juxtaposed with the vitality and dynamism of her subjects.

Nicola's artwork is on display from 1st January - 29th February in our Café.

The Café is open 6 days a week, Monday-Saturday, 8am-5pm (9am on non-sale Saturdays)

All works of art will be available to purchase from the Garden Rooms Reception.

  • Hares In Harmony
  • Gloucester Old Spot Pig
  • Trotting Away