Art in the Cafe - Sue Fenlon

Sue Fenlon Art - A collection of wildflowers and landscapes reflecting early Spring

Displayed until 28th February

“I paint nature as I see it with a sprinkling of emotion”

Sue Fenlon lives in Alnmouth, a beautiful part of Northumberland where she has a studio and gallery, but lived for a time in Wensleydale where she painted the beautiful landscapes and wild flowers of the area.

All her paintings are inspired by her walks, so the colours reflect the seasons and the weather. She loves painting both stormy and sunny days and says, "Nature has amazing way of giving beautiful colours everyday and I try to paint the colours and textures nature brings to each season."

Sue studied art at Newcastle, but also lived in Texas for a while where she worked with various artists using different mediums, painting a very different landscape.

Now she works mainly in acrylic and oil on canvas, but also loves working in watercolour.

Sue describes herself as an emotional painter, as there is always a point when painting where her heart takes over, and her love of wild flowers and nature shines through.


Art in the Cafe is available to view Monday-Saturday 8am-5pm (9am on non sale Saturdays), and can be purchased from Garden Rooms Reception.

Sue Fenlon