Embellish: The Art of Hand Engraving Exhibition

9th July – 6th August 2023

The Hand Engravers Association presents Embellish: The Art of Hand Engraving, an exhibition featuring work from contemporary UK based hand engravers, exposing the diversity and beauty of objects hand engraved today.

Hand engraving is the ancient art of embellishing metal and gem materials by removing material with hand held tools. It is applied to commemorative items, jewellery and silverware, guns, clocks and watches, enamelled objects, seals and used to produce printed and embossed items. Common themes are inscriptions and heraldry, but specialist hand engravers can produce portraits, landscapes and complex patterns and decoration.

Showcasing works by established and renowned engravers such as Malcolm Appleby, George Lukes and Gerald Benney alongside next generation award winners Ibrahim Batchelder, Anastasia Young and Anna Olafsson, the exhibition reveals that engraving can be applied to any object with any theme.

Highlights of the show include Joanna Migdal’s engraved sundial, Karen Wallace’s carved rifle cover, Jane Short’s enamelled and engraved dish and Megan Rigby’s spectacularly detailed desk seal.

A unique opportunity to discover fine hand engraving, the majority of artworks presented in the exhibition are not usually on public display. Objects have been loaned from engravers and private collections with a selection from the exceptional gathering of 20th century silver that is The Pearson Silver Collection.

The exhibition will be on view in one of our Lower Gallery display cabinets at The Garden Rooms. 

Exhibition Opening Times

Monday-Friday 8.30am-5pm

Saturday 9am-5pm

Sunday 9am-4pm