Art in the Cafe: David Edwards

Artist's Statement

At an early age I was encouraged and taught to draw and paint by my father who was a professional artist. He also started my general love of painting and art appreciation – growing up in London gave us easy access to a wide range of public and commercial galleries and the pleasure and value of looking at great works of art has remained with me ever since. From an early age I have always drawn and painted interesting objects or scenes around me for my own pleasure and later as a resource to develop my larger paintings.

After University, the needs of a growing family and a career in engineering meant that painting took a lower priority although I always continued to draw and visit art galleries. My artistic development has been a happy journey of trial and error, reading, distance learning, workshops, college courses and comparing experiences with other artists. An early retirement allowed me to devote much more time to painting, including teaching courses and more contact with fellow artists. I am a member of the Yore Valley Artists and we have exhibited locally and around North Yorkshire. In 2022 I was shortlisted for the British Art Prize and my painting was exhibited in London.

I like to paint landscapes, and living in North Yorkshire there is a wealth of wonderful countryside around us to inspire me. I like to paint and sketch outdoors whenever possible to keep my paintings fresh and responsive to the colours, moods, and character of the landscape, which can vary rapidly with changes in light and atmosphere. However, it’s not much fun painting in the rain, and I may then use these resources to develop more considered work in my studio, where I also enjoy painting still life subjects. Whenever I travel in the UK or abroad, I always have some paints with me to capture the local atmosphere and perhaps complete some pictures on my return home. I normally paint in oils as I prefer that medium above all others, but occasionally I work in acrylics or watercolours.

The paintings in this exhibition show two aspects of my work – larger studio paintings of the Wensleydale landscape, small plein air sketches, and small still lives of domestic objects and fruit.

If you would like to see more of my work, get any further information or are interested in commissioning a piece of work, please contact me:

David Edwards



Instagram: davidedwardsartist

David's artwork is on display from 1st March - 30th April in our Café.

The Café is open 6 days a week, Monday-Saturday, 8am-5pm (9am on non-sale Saturdays)

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