Hejira: Celebrating Joni Mitchell - Leyburn Jazz Festival

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Friday 18th October

Featuring vocalist Hattie Whitehead and virtuoso guitarist Pete Oxley, ‘Hejira’ is a captivating 7-piece band set up to celebrate and honour the masterpiece works of Joni Mitchell from the late ‘70s.  With sold-out performances wherever they go, and widespread acclaim across the music industry, Hejira is no mere tribute act. Instead they offer entertaining new insights into some extraordinary music, with something for folk, rock, and jazz fans alike.

Having released the albums ‘The Hissing of Summer Lawns’, ‘Hejira’, ‘Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter’ and ‘Mingus’ (regarded as her ‘jazz period’), Joni Mitchell toured briefly in the late 70’s with a band formed from the crème de la crème of contemporaneous jazz musicians including Pat Metheny and Jaco Pastorius.

The tour was recorded, producing the outstanding live album, ‘Shadows And Light’, and it is from this album that the band Hejira draws the body of its repertoire.

Comprising highly experienced jazz and rock musicians, this band is fronted by the brilliant Hattie Whitehead who not only has in her own way assimilated the poise, power and beauty of Joni’s vocals, but also plays guitar with Joni’s stylistic mannerisms.

Watch Hejira perform Joni Mitchell’s “Black Crow” https://youtu.be/HHXjld5l0A0

Hejira play to packed houses and rave reviews wherever they perform, and we're delighted to be hosting this performance as part of Leyburn Jazz Festival 2024.

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